The film critic

I love the cinema. The art of film. A darkened theater is a portal to another world. Sometimes, I definitely want to be in another world.

I care though. I care about the story, the writing, the acting, the directing, the editing, the lighting, the music, the sets, the costumes. It doesn’t matter what order I list them in, pull one of them out and the house of cards collapses. I care about all of them.

I watch movies on the small screen too, but often much of the impact is lost. They are filmed to be seen on a big screen and the effect is not the same. As home theater quality improves, screens get bigger, sound gets richer, we get closer to the filmmakers intention, but we still lose that uninterrupted separation from the rest of the world, AND the magical popcorn! Not that I wouldn’t enjoy a home theater it if I had it.

I also enjoy television. In my opinion there are things worth my time there. True, it is a small percentage, but I know that some programs do take the details as seriously as I do. Some of  the professionals are willing to share their experiences with those that listen. Some have Facebook pages, blogs and use twitter, to share behind the scenes photos and details with us. I care about the details.

Some who listen to me, may think I like all movies, because I do like so many, but the details matter to me. My opinions aren’t based on the popcorn. I plan to share some of my opinions. Some will disagree with them, but others  will find they enjoy a movie cuz Stephanie said so.