Firefly: The Board Game – Review


The Expansion Board

“Time for some thrilling heroics!” – Jayne, The Train Job

Recently got a chance to play this a couple of times, and being a fan of the show since I was introduced to it (and binged it in two nights), there was no way I wasn’t going to give it a shot. Even more so, as Craig and I had worked some on the basics of a similar (not the same, and probably not as good an idea) game a few years ago. This review is of a purchased copy belonging to Craig, for disclosure, rather than a copy submitted to the Gamers’ Table by the publishers. Though I will say, if the publishers want to send us things, we are always happy to give it a GT look and an honest review. For the tl;dr version of my review, consult the teal deer below.

The Aquamarine Ungulate says: Good…

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